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There is a certain discomfort that exists in simply living in a beach town when you aren't on vacation or already retired.  The juxtaposition between being in the busiest phase of life - raising a toddler, running a company, keeping a household together, as a single mother, while looking around at everyone relaxing in flip-flops... Continue Reading →

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The Spirit Animals of Sausalito

When I first moved into my new home in Sausalito, the raccoons were my first experience of nature in my own backyard. I don’t think I was ready for that, quite yet, then. It was a scary sounding arrival in the dark the first time they came. As much as I trusted the trees and... Continue Reading →

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Setting off on a Culinary Journey

We are landing in Hong Kong on the evening before Christmas Eve. The sky has turned the color of saffron after a full day of flying under the sun over the vast expanse of ocean that separates both sides of the world from each other. A woman on the plane asks me “Are you ready... Continue Reading →

Oh Gee, A Ghee Massage? Sounds Great!

By my second week in India, I was feeling immersed in the culture and beauty of this foreign land. I was also feeling a bit, shall we say, overly confident about my continence. To be honest, I may have found relief in a few prunes by this point in my travels. Yet, unknown to me... Continue Reading →

L’espace bien-etre

When I originally came across this particular phrase, it was dotted across the cover of a pamphlet for an exclusive spa located within a five star hotel in Brittany, France. It was summertime. My then boyfriend and I had been savoring the sunshine while swishing through the French countryside on expertly outfitted bikes with precisely... Continue Reading →

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